Support Midland 1:1

Support Midland 1:1

Midland University announced its collaboration with Apple and an intentional program investment to create digital solutions for innovative teaching and learning as part of the new Midland 1:1 program.

Rooted in the university’s relentlessly relevant vision, the program initiative aims to enhance learning and embrace the digital experience of already tech-engaged classrooms by providing faculty and students with the latest Apple iPad technology.

Beginning fall of 2019, every full-time, undergraduate Midland student at the Fremont location will receive an Apple iPad and Apple Pencil. The devices will be provided at no cost to students and considered part of their Midland education. 

We need your support! For a gift of $450, you can directly impact the learning experience of a Midland University student. Gifts in any amount make a difference, please consider contributing today!