A Vision for the Future

A Vision for the Future

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Midland University approaches higher education with an unmatched commitment to student success. We believe true achievement will be accomplished through an active pursuit of innovation in both high impact learning opportunities and surrounding support systems, not responding to, but proactively seeking better ways to enhance learning outcomes. Living out our mission, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for students to develop as the next generation of leaders. This vision builds on our momentum by investing in our most vital asset, our students. Together we will champion new programs with a core of student success, enhance the places we connect, and secure the future of Midland University in this ever-changing world of higher education.

Enriching Our Experience

With purpose. Midland will grow in a way reflective of the marketplace, assessing demand and our ability to differentiate compared to other institutions in higher education. We will make intentional choices that will lead to strong business models, stability and growth.

Enriching Our Community

With Purpose. Midland is intentionally designing a campus that is student centered. We are committed to creating a home for students by supporting personal development, providing a safe, engaging community and improving students' lives. Midland's unique residential inspires a community where students can interact, share and grow under the nurturing guidance of world class faculty.

Enriching Our Legacy

With Purpose. Midland wants to guarantee student success for many generations to come. To fully service students in an era the needs of today may only offer a hint of the needs of tomorrow, Midland must operate from a position of strength.

Some of the campaign projects include:

  • Dining Hall (completed)
  • Eikmeier Commons (completed)
  • Miller Hall Residence Hall (opening August 2020)
  • Athletics Practice Space
  • Arts Space
  • Campus Beautification

To learn more about these projects and how you can help, email janssen@midlandu.edu.