Warrior Wednesday Q&A with Quincy Johnson '16

Warrior Wednesday Q&A with Quincy Johnson '16

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Quincy JohnsonWhat year did you graduate and what was your major?
I graduated from Midland University in 2016 as an exercise science major.

What are you doing now and where?
I am currently in my second year as a graduate student in the health and human performance program at Oklahoma State University. I double as a senior personal trainer for the department of wellness working primarily with the OSU Police Department.

How did your experience at Midland prepare you for your career?
Midland University provided me with ample opportunities to gain hands-on experience in areas that I was passionate about! Whether that be academia, advisement, internships, athletics, residence life, or extra-curricular's, I was well prepared after graduating from Midland University.

Did a particular faculty member leave a lasting impression on you?
Dr. Janet Lack went above and beyond as my advisor. She went out of her way to answer emails and phone calls, offer great advice, and always believed that I would achieve great things. Mark Snow, Jef Field, Andrea Swett, and Merritt Nelson were all super supportive in my endeavors as an undergraduate student too!

What is your fondest memory of Midland?
One of my fondest memories of Midland University was President Horner’s inauguration. The outflow of support from students, faculty/staff, and the community was breathtaking.

How do you spend your leisure time? Any hobbies?
During my down time I like to go fishing, visit museums, garden, and I’ve recently taken up rock climbing.

How do you stay connected to Midland?
I follow several Midland University social media pages to stay in the loop on things and have also mentored freshmen in the past.

Fun fact about you:
I was active in The ARTs during my time at Midland University mainly helping with carpentry, set design, and sound engineering.