A. Scott FlynnIn 2021, Gerald Otte-Blair Middle School was awarded the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Award. The award was presented to Sustainability teacher Scott Flynn in Washington D.C. by Deputy Education Secretary Cindy Marten

In August 2019, OBMS began composting all cafeteria food scraps using the vermiculture method and composting bins built by environmental science students. OBMS composted over 1,700 pounds of food scraps over the course of the year. During compost lessons, students learn about what composting is and how to do it, as well as why it is a crucial way to provide quality soil for plants to grow in.

OBMS participates in the Trex Challenge for the recycling of plastic bags, taking home accolades.

OBMS partners with DeSoto Bend National Wildlife Reserve to provide Outdoor Environmental Science Class at the refuge. A STEM class at OBMS allows students to learn the theory behind several renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.