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Alumniweds Stories

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Anniversary Date: June 25, 2022

Love Story: We met during her freshmen year and the rest is history. We were married in June of 2022 and now expecting our first child in August 2023. We met at Midland, got engaged at Midland and I am forever grateful to Midland for bringing us together!Read more

Anniversary Date: May 28, 2021

Love Story: Abie and I met our sophomore year at Midland through mutual friends in 2015! There was instant chemistry and it was just easy, we started dating a month later and truly, the rest is history! He proposed on July 25th, 2020, we got married on May 28th of 2021, and welcomed the sweetest baby girl, Miss Wrenley, April 29th of 2022. Midland is a huge part of our story and continues to be as I coach the cheerleading team, and get to mesh my two families together! We are forever blessed! ❤️Read more

Anniversary Date: December 30, 1983

Love Story: Our love story began on New Year’s Eve 1975. It was Christmas break of my freshman year at Midland. Having no plans for New Year’s Eve, I decided to go to the Kappa Phi Party with my brothers, who were Kappa Phis. Never in a million years did I imagine that on that very night, I would meet my knight in shining armor, but lo and behold, there he was. In the hustle and bustle of the party, I lost my contact lens. Instantly a tall, blonde, handsome sophomore came to my rescue and asked if he could help. Before I...Read more

Anniversary Date: April 27, 2013

Love Story: We met under the stars in astronomy class. I sent him a friend request on Facebook and the rest is history. He even proposed in front of the fountain on campus after we graduated. We have been married for almost 10 years and have two wonderful kids!Read more

 Anniversary Date: December 28, 2013

Love Story: Roberto and I met our freshman year at Midland and became fast friends. He and his baseball buddies and me and my girlfriends all hung out all the time. We each dated different people during our time at Midland, but the summer before our senior year, we both stayed in Fremont to work and hung out more one-on-one. We lived in the Apartment dorms senior year - he on the first floor and me on the third so we saw each other a lot. We started dating on March 31, 2008. We dated across country until 2013...Read more

Anniversary Date: September 3, 1977

Love Story: Following graduation from Gretna High School in 1973, I began my education at Midland Lutheran College. I had started dating Cindi a year earlier, while we were both in the Gretna High musical – You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Cindi played Lucy and I played Schroeder (the piano player). All I can really remember is that Lucy sang a song proposing to Schroder and that one day the two would be married. So, I have always said, Cindi asked me to marry her first!

It was a long-distance telephone call from...Read more

Anniversary Date: June 8, 2013

Love Story: We met at Bowling Night and then had a few interactions over the next few months. Eventually, that turned into a date which eventually turned into a proposal in Lund Hall a few years later. Many years and memories later, we’ll hit 10 years of marriage in June.Read more

Anniversary Date: November 5, 2021

Love Story: There isn’t anything too special about our love story, but it truly is my favorite. Brett and I both had very different passions with his being football and mine being competitive cheerleading. Brett swears we met in Midland 101 together our freshman year but to this day I don’t remember us being in it together. Although we started at Midland together in 2015, our paths didn’t really cross until 2017 when we began dating. We got married on November 5th, 2021 and on September 8th, 2022 we welcomed our first...Read more

Anniversary Date: June 8, 2019 

Love Story: Caleb and I met during our freshman year of college at Midland. We had mutual friends and got to know each other through them. We started dating in February 2011. At the time, Caleb was on the wrestling team, and I was on the track team. In 2012 Caleb switched and joined the track team as well, and we were able to compete together throughout the years. Caleb and I dated and continued our education/work aspirations until 2017, when we got engaged. We continued to follow our path together, moving to...Read more

Anniversary Date: October 15, 2022

Love Story: Noah and I met my freshman year and his junior year. We quickly became friends. The next year we were Warrior Welcome Day leaders together. The minute I met him, I knew I was going to marry him. In my junior year, Noah proposed and we recently got married in October. We owe it all to our experience at Midland which brought us together!Read more

Anniversary Date: February 18, 1973

Love Story: At the end of his freshman year in 1969, Bill became an officer of the International Relations Club. That summer he helped to address letters to the incoming freshmen. Among the letters he addressed was one to Daria Phillips of Oklahoma City. He was intrigued by the unusual name and the out-of-state address, since most of the students were from Nebraska and Iowa. When school started that fall, Bill scanned all the nametags of the freshman girls looking for the one with the exotic first name. He found her in...Read more

Anniversary Date: August 3, 1996

Love Story: We met our freshman year when Cory was a science major and a football player and I was a Music major and theater gal. We had several mutual friends that lived in Gunderson Hall (where Cory lived) so we spent a lot of time together. We  started dating in February of our freshman year. We dated all four years and got married in August after graduation. Read more

Anniversary Date: July 16, 2011

Love Story: The love story.... sit back and enjoy the ride..... SOOOOOOO.... it all started on Warrior Welcome Days on a hot summery day in 2007.... I initially met Evan's roommate who so kindly invited me down to the green for a slip in slide. There was a whopping 4 people there and one of them so happened to be...... you guessed it.... Evan Hoisington. We exchanged some words had a nice introduction. Then quickly went our separate ways. Fast forward 2 months, here we are at the Midland homecoming dance....Read more

Anniversary Date: October 13, 2018

Love Story: We were both on the Midland track team when we met in September 2012 at our first practice of the year. He was a mid distance runner and I was a pole vaulter and we started dating on January 23, 2013. After dating for almost 4 1/2 years, we both graduated on May 15, 2017; I was graduating with a BSN and he was graduating with a MBA. After I received my diploma he met me on stage and asked me to marry him in front of everyone! I of course said yes and we got married on October 13, 2018 and...Read more

Anniversary Date: April 30, 2016

Love Story: Nick and I met at the free Midland ice skate night at the Sidner Ice Arena my freshman year. Nick and I actually attended the same high school, but we never connected there. Nick is one year older than I am and was actually working at the ice arena at the time. I went with a couple girl friends of mine and one of them actually thought he was cute so that is why we went to talk to him. It was pretty obvious my girlfriend and Nick had nothing in common, but he and I struck up a conversation and...Read more

Anniversary Date: June 25, 2016

Love Story: Preston and I met at Midland University in 2011. At first we were just acquaintances for a few months. One night we ended up going to the same movie at the Olson Student Center (I think it was King Kong). After the movie, Preston and his friend went downstairs and so did my friend and I. We ended up hanging out until the time change at 3 am! After this we hung out with friends for a few weeks. Eventually we became an official couple in April 2012. Ever since then we have been together. We got...Read more

Anniversary Date: June 22, 2013

Love Story: We met in 2010 at midland and got married in 2013. We now have a 7-year-old daughter named Greeleigh and a 4-year-old son named Benson.Read more

Anniversary Date: August 8, 2008

Love Story: We met our sophomore year through mutual friends. After being friends for a couple months we started dating the summer between our sophomore and junior year. We have so many great memories and lifelong friends from our time at Midland! After graduating we moved to Omaha, and lived there for almost 10 years. Matt’s job then moved us to Colorado where we live now with our two daughters!Read more

Anniversary Date: June 20, 2009

Love Story: Travis was a sophomore and I was a freshman. He tells me he noticed me the first day of moving the freshmen into the dorms. He consistently stopped by my room in Beegle Hall and a few months later we started dating. We've been together since October of 2003 and are celebrating 10 years of marriage this year.Read more

Anniversary Date: April 28, 1943
In loving memory of Warren Fegley (1922-2015)

Love Story: I had planned to attend St. Olaf College to study music with the great director F. Melius Christiansen. However, farm work delayed my family's trip to Minnesota to visit and complete all the needed entrance paperwork. Openings for the freshman class at St. Olaf quickly filled, so I decided to attend Midland for one year and then transfer to St. Olaf. Warren had decided to attend Wayne State College since his parents had attended there....Read more

Anniversary Date: April 29, 2017

Love Story: Dominic and Morgan met each other Dominic's senior year at Midland University in 2013 through a mutual friend's get-together, later finding out that they had a class together with each other. They spent a lot of time together with their friends and each other just getting to know each other while together at college. After Dominic graduated, they officially started dating.

A lot of time was spent together over the next few years while Morgan was finishing her degrees and Dominic was...Read more

Anniversary Date: November 10, 1984

Love Story: Is there any better place to meet someone than Calculus class as freshmen? We joke that if Becky and her friend wouldn't have needed a study group, Dave wouldn't have got as good of grades. After a couple years of just being friends, sorority and fraternity functions gave us opportunity to date. Got engaged our senior year in March and married that November. We both graduated with degrees in Math/Computer Science and still call Fremont home. We have two children. Our son is married with one...Read more

Anniversary Date: May 26, 1979

Love Story: David and I met November 1971. As I was going to my Psychology 101 class in Swanson Hall, David approached me and asked whether I would be interested in having a cup of coffee. So that was the beginning of our romantic relationship. David graduated from Midland with BA in History in May 1972. He returned to his hometown Boston, MA; and I finished my education at Midland in German and Secondary Education. I taught school for a total of four years at Mullen and Scotia Public Schools in Nebraska. We...Read more

Anniversary Date: June 3, 1959

Love Story: Rev. John Russell and Colleen (Bonderson) Russell met September 1959 during the first week of their senior year at Midland. Love blossomed immediately and within six weeks of dating they were already talking about a wedding. They pledged their life and love to each other in marriage on June 3, 1959, at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Emerson, Nebraska, just a week following their 1959 Midland graduation. Inseparable through life, after 56+ years of marriage they died within five days of each in...Read more

Anniversary Date: July 26, 2008

Love Story: Megan and Daniel met in the fall of 2005 at MLC in the class "Art and Music Methods." This was the last class for Daniel to achieve his endorsement for Art Education and was one of the last method classes Megan had to complete for her Early Childhood Education endorsement. After they were paired together on the opening class to sing the class a song "Galaxy Rap", Megan and Daniel soon developed an intense rivalry to better each others projects each class and be the first one to leave class....Read more

In loving memory of Mary Ann Skoog (1929-2010)

Love Story: Mary Ann enrolled at Midland in fall 1952, and Don in 1949. She and Don started to date several weeks later. In December, Mary Ann was named queen of one of the fraternity dances. A picture of this event is shown in the college annual. Don graduated from Midland in 1953 and from the University of Nebraska Medical School in 1958. Mary Ann was a medical technologist and Don, a pathologist. They had three children and lived in Omaha. Mary Ann died in 2010 as a result of an automobile accident.Read more

Anniversary Date: November 29, 1974

Love Story: Our first date was on a Friday the 13th in November of our freshman year. Kathy invited me to an inter-sorority dance in the dining hall. We had a good time, so it's hard to explain why it took me almost two years before I asked her for a second date. It just did. Our second date was also a Friday the 13th, when I asked Kathy to be my Homecoming date. I knew from that time on that I could see myself marrying her and growing old together. Our only class together was Interterm '74, when we...Read more

Anniversary Date: August 14, 2010

Love Story: We met in 2006 during the theater production of "Mother Courage and Her Children." She had the uncanny ability to burp on command which I found delightfully attractive. Our first un-official date happened during a C.A.B Free Movie Night where we went to see Borat. (I swear, we're much classier people that our origin story leads you to believe we are.) We dated for two years and enjoyed lots of late night library studying, theater rehearsals, and ping-pong games before Brock decided to pop the...Read more

Anniversary Date: December 28, 2002

Love Story: Chris and I met in the summer of 2001. Blind date. We found out on this first date that we attended Midland around the same time. We reminisced about some of our classes and instructors, having fond memories. One class, however, stuck out in our memories - "Sex, Marriage and the Family." Chris remembers a very outspoken brunette sharing strong opinions. I remember sharing a lot during class discussions. I talk a lot. Chris said he was amused by this woman, secretly cheering when others with...Read more

Anniversary Date: July 3, 1982

Love Story: Marci and I met during her first week on campus in 1975. We started dating in October of that same year. We have been together, with the exception of one week (where I lost my mind) during the spring semester of 1976, for more than 41 years.Read more

Anniversary Date: January 4, 1969

Love Story: I had attended Midland from Sept. 1962 through May of 1964. I then put in a couple of years in the Navy and returned to Midland in January of 1967 and met Sherry House in the fall of 1967. Our first date was Homecoming that fall. We continued to date and we became engaged in North Platte, NE on July 25, 1968, Sherry’s birthday. We were married January 4, 1969 in North Platte during our semester break and during one of the snowiest winters ever. We didn’t think many of our attendants and...Read more

Anniversary Date: June 5, 2010

Love Story: We begin this romantic love story in art class at Midland Lutheran College. I was very attentive in class and noticed a pretty blonde eye gazing me from accross the dim lit room. It wasn't uncommon that I was receiving this attention from Midland College women but she had a spark to her style that couldn't go unnoticed. While I was on the track team at Midland I would strut by the wellness room at Hopkins Arena and determine how fast her pace on the treadmill was. I figured this alluring woman had...Read more

Anniversary Date: November 25, 1995

Love Story: I was a non-traditional student attending Midland after serving four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, and through some friends in the same boat we were, we met at John C. Fremont Days. However, I was dating someone else and she was to be introduced to someone else. Long story short, our situations didn't work out and we met later that fall. As I was driving through the Midland parking lot one day, I saw her at her car and I stopped to chat. The rest is history.Read more

Anniversary Date: February 9, 1974

Love Story: On a beautiful day in September 1966, freshman Marsha Anderson took off her tennis shoes and socks, and entered the fountain then contained in the relatively new Science Complex. She was grabbing coins from the wishing well, to stuff into the coin operated laundry at Beegle Hall. When Rick appeared and noticed a beanie wearing frosh in the fountain, he knew something was amiss, so he inquired "what are you doing in the fountain?" Quick thinking frosh Anderson replied "Oh, I'm trying to get...Read more

Anniversary Date: July 28, 2012

Love Story: Mike and I met in the fall of our sophomore year at Midland. We were in microbiology class together and sat next to each other in lab (Thanks Dr. Johnson). We didn't start dating until December of that year. We had many mutual friends that were also dating so we all spent countless evenings together, mostly at the basketball house and Pi Epsilon functions! After graduation, Mike moved to Lincoln for dental school and I moved to Omaha to start my career as a nurse. We married in July of 2012. We...Read more

Anniversary Date: August 29, 1959

Love Story: We met at Midland College as freshmen in 1955 because both of us wanted to go to our closest Lutheran college. In our sophomore year, my roommate told me that I should date that Joanna Carson because she is cute and she likes you. So I did and we went together to a fraternity/sorority ball in the fall of 1956 and that was it. In those days courtship was clearly delineated so we "went steady" in our sophomore year, were "pinned" in our junior year, engaged in our senior year, and married the...Read more

Anniversary Date: May 27, 1978

Love Story: My best friend and Kappa Phi brother John Prauner (yes, that John Prauner) introduced us in the fall of Shelly's freshman year. It took me awhile to get the courage to ask her out. We dated until spring and then I gave her my fraternity pin. Several months later, we got engaged and married in May of '78 after Shelly's junior year. She finished school and student taught her senior year while we lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment in southeast Fremont. Shelly taught school for two years and then...Read more

Anniversary Date: May 14, 1983

Love Story: I was a transfer from California Lutheran University to Midland start of school year 1979. The very first day of moving into the dorms I was being helped by this tall blond guy who asked me out later that month. From there we dated, got engaged and married the weekend of graduation in May 1983. We also went through pinning and engagement with our Phi Omega and Kappa Phi friends. Read more

Anniversary Date: September 13, 2014

Love Story: Mason and I were actually high school sweethearts. We started our journey at the end of our freshman year of high school on May 18, 2007. After high school we stayed together, but attended different colleges; he went to Midland for football and I went to Northwestern College for volleyball. After visiting Mason often and making lots of friends at Midland, I transferred there my sophomore year. The rest of our college days were spent together and with our friends. We got engaged the summer...Read more

Anniversary Date: December 27, 1956

Love Story: We both graduated from high school in 1951. Joe in Albuquerque, NM and Arlene in Creighton, NE. That was the year the University of Nebraska offered full two year renewable scholarships to top students chosen by teachers in every high school in Nebraska. Arlene was top on the Creighton faculty list. In March of 1951 the phone rang at the Johnson farm. The English teacher was frantic. "Arlene where are you? Today is the scholarship test. The people from the University are here." Arlene...Read more

Anniversary Date: July 8, 1967

Love Story: Butch and I started dating my junior year at Midland while I was a student worker in the Athletic Department and where Butch spent the majority of his time working for Max Kitzelman. We were married July 8, 1967, and will be celebrating our 50th anniversary this summer. Butch received his draft notice 3 days before our wedding so spent a year in Vietnam before he graduated. We have many fond memories of Midland--really enjoyed our time there!Read more

Anniversary Date: August 24, 1991

Love Story: We met during our sophomore year at Midland, when we shared some classes and books. Our first date was attending the Homecoming Dance together in October 1988 and the rest is history. We married one year after graduation at Salem Lutheran Church in Dakota City, NE. We lived in Omaha until 1999, when we moved to Eric's hometown of Gretna. Eric is a Physical Therapist and Lona is a science teacher. We have 3 children and the oldest (Lance) is currently a junior at Midland. That makes him the...Read more

Anniversary Date: July 29, 1995

Love Story: Kim and Larry met at Midland in 1994 and married at Sinai Lutheran Church in 1995.Read more

Anniversary Date: June 13, 2015

Love Story: We met at ARTS Retreat Dustin's first week at Midland. We were in choir, band, and theater together so we were around Eva other a lot. We started hanging out with the same group of friends and we quickly became best friends. We started dating in December 2012, got engaged in May 2014, and married in June 2015. If it wasn't for the ARTS at Midland, we never would have found each other.Read more

Anniversary Date: October 3, 2015

Love Story: We met through mutual friends in January 2011, having multiple movie nights in men's hall, and officially started dating in March 2011. Sam graduated in May 2013 and moved out to Scottsbluff to work as a nurse. We dated long distance till Michael graduated in May 2014 and joined Sam in Scottsbluff that September. Michael proposed In December, we moved to Gibbon in July and got married October 1, 2015. We currently are still in Gibbon - Sam working labor/delivery at Kearney Regional and...Read more

Anniversary Date: November 5, 2016

Love Story: We met in fall of 2010 through mutual friends. After three years of being friends, we began dating in May of 2013. Andrew proposed in December of 2015 and we tied the knot on November 5, 2016. We now live in Seward, NE. Jessica works as a Child and Family Services Specialist for DHHS and Andrew is in his second year as an Electrician Apprentice.Read more

Anniversary Date: June 8, 2013

Love Story: We met each other through our best friends in college who also ended up tying the knot (Mike Sanders and Stacey Sanders (Richard). My wife and Stacey were in the Pi Ep sorority together and Mike and I played basketball together. We both graduated in 2009 from Midland University (Midland Lutheran College at that time) and got married on June 8, 2013. We most recently had our first child, Ava Sue Tuma, this past August.Read more

August 1, 2015

Love Story: Andrew and Kat met at Midland through the Arts department. The odd thing is that neither of them originally intended on going there, as Andrew transferred in from Montana State University and Kat transferred from The Young Americans performing arts school. They both chose Midland because they both have some of the same passions. While at Midland, both participated in multiple aspects of the Arts (Choir, Band, Clef Dwellers, Jazz Band, Musical Theatre, etc.)  It was there that they developed a strong...Read more

Anniversary Date: October 14, 2006

Love Story: We "met" when Nikki was a freshman in 1998. Mark had already graduated but was a trainer and Nikki played basketball. We didn't actually know each other though since Nikki didn't spend much time in the training room that year. We didn't officially meet until years later, 2004 at a MLC homecoming. A mutual friend introduced us and we starting talking and hung out together that afternoon but then went our separate ways. A month later we ran into each other again, this time exchanging phone...Read more

Anniversary: June 18, 2011

Love Story: He played baseball, I played softball and we both were taking a criminal justice class together. He was a senior and I was a sophomore and our teacher divided us into two sides of the room and I picked his side. We got to talking more in class and our assignment was to debrief court cases (which I had never done) so I asked him for help and the rest is history! We started hanging out more and more and now we are married with two beautiful daughters!Read more