Dr. Darlene Ritter (1964-1990) | Woman of Midland

Dr. Darlene Ritter (1964-1990) | Woman of Midland

A member of Midland’s faculty since 1964, Ritter served as professor of English until her retirement in 1990. A dedicated and principled educator who followed a code of ethics, Dr. Ritter stood firm for what she believed important. 

Dr. Ritter’s extensive knowledge of plains literature led to her participation in many seminars, and earned her a place in the Nebraska Committee for the Humanities Speakers Bureau, where she wrote and spoke about the woman’s role in settling the plains, bringing to light the important lives and roles of women and the many sacrifices and contributions they made. 

“Professor Dr. Darlene Ritter showed an intense passion for literature as an avenue to open student’s doors to enlightenment and love of learning. Her willingness to have encouraging dialogues with students was an agent for change in students that to me was the signature of a quality educator.  This change continued after graduation and helped me see the world where her passion for education, monitoring of students and their academic development was one of the most valuable lessons I learned at Midland Lutheran College.” Dr. Gary Carlson ‘68

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