Jody Horner | Woman of Midland

Jody Horner | Woman of Midland

President Jody Horner spent 30+ years in corporate America before coming to Midland. Her path to higher education was somewhat non-traditional. Upon graduating from St. Olaf College in 1984, her first job was working with Cargill as a grain buyer. In her 10 years there, she worked her way up to Merchandising Manager. From there, Jody moved into the company’s strategy and business development department where she worked on corporate strategy, mergers, and acquisitions. Latershe spent some time leading human resources and diversity, equity and inclusion. From there, Horner went on to run multiple businesses for Cargill. After her time at Cargill, she joined the Midland family and hasn’t looked back. 

Paving the way for others, for Jody, has always been about realizing her own potential, being a lifelong learner and advocating for others, especially those who are underrepresented. “Being bold means taking career risks, mentoring others and pushing for change when change is needed. Believe in yourself. Have the confidence to take some risks and don’t live with regrets. I’m appreciative of all the women that have gone before me and especially those who paved the way at Midland. We are blessed with a plethora of courageous, talented and bold women as part of Midland’s past, present, and future.”

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