Kathleen Cheney (1974-1987) | Woman of Midland

Kathleen Cheney (1974-1987) | Woman of Midland

In 1974 Kathleen Cheney began the rigorous task of implementing a baccalaureate degree nursing program at Midland after the college took over the nursing diploma program from Immanuel Hospital’s School of Nursing. Under Cheney’s leadership, the nursing program at Midland thrived–growing in size, scope, and prestige and producing five nurses of the year during its first several years of existence.

Cheney attended the Immanuel Hospital School of Nursing before joining its faculty in 1945. There she served as director of nursing education before transitioning to chairwoman of the division of nursing at Midland. Cheney relished her role as instructor, instilling the virtues of nursing in every graduate she taught and mentored until her retirement in 1987.

“I am forever grateful for Kathleen Cheney, Immanuel Hospital School of Nursing Director, and later for the Midland Lutheran College Nursing Program. Miss Cheney was always totally committed to the nursing profession. Miss Cheney set a high standard for all nursing students under her tutelage.  Under her leadership, nursing students received an excellent nursing education and were well prepared to become the best nurses possible. She continued to be a mentor to us as we practiced our calling to the nursing profession.” Carol Bohling I’68

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