Nebraska Nurse Honor Guard adds Fremont and Surrounding Communities in its Statewide Expansion Efforts

Nebraska Nurse Honor Guard adds Fremont and Surrounding Communities in its Statewide Expansion Efforts

The Nebraska Nurse Honor Guard (NNHG), a non-affiliated, nonprofit organization, is excited to announce its planned expansion to Fremont and surrounding areas! The mission of the NNHG is to recognize and honor the everyday heroes who dedicate their lives to the nursing profession. Their mission is realized through offering tribute service to nursing professionals at the time of their passing.

NNHG services will be available in Fremont and communities within a 30 mile radius of Fremont beginning, Wednesday, April 14th. Fremont Area NNHG is pleased to have nine active and retired nurses who volunteer their time to honor their fellow nursing professionals who have passed away. Nurse tribute services, conducted at a visitation, funeral or memorial service at no cost to the family, includes a reciting of the Nightingale Tribute, the placing of a white rose on the casket or urn signifying the nurse’s devotion to their profession, as well as the presentation of the nursing lamp to a family member of friend of the deceased. NNHG services may be requested through the funeral director, officiant, by contacting an honor guard member, or by filling out the “Request the Guard” form on its website at

As a non-affiliated, nonprofit organization, the NNHG is funded by donations only. All donations go towards the NNHG’s vision of being able to provide nursing tribute services across the entire state of Nebraska. To show your support of the NNHG, donation information can be found by clicking the “Donate” button on its website at

The NNHG is beyond excited about its mission to expand its presence across the state of Nebraska and wants to thank all those who have shown their support thus far. The NNHG will continue embodying the core nursing values of human dignity, integrity, autonomy, altruism and social justice as it grows.

To request NNHG services in the Fremont community, contact Carol Bohling, 402-652-8166 or Jan Ostransky, 402-719-0343, or go the website at