Alumniweds Stories

Alumniweds Stories

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Anniversary Date: December 27, 1956

Love Story: We both graduated from high school in 1951. Joe in Albuquerque, NM and Arlene in Creighton, NE. That was the year the University of Nebraska offered full two year renewable scholarships to top students chosen by teachers in every high school in Nebraska. Arlene was top on the Creighton faculty list. In March of 1951 the phone rang at the Johnson farm. The English teacher was frantic. "Arlene where are you? Today is the scholarship test. The people from the University are here." Arlene...Read more

Anniversary Date: June 13, 2015

Love Story: We met at ARTS Retreat Dustin's first week at Midland. We were in choir, band, and theater together so we were around Eva other a lot. We started hanging out with the same group of friends and we quickly became best friends. We started dating in December 2012, got engaged in May 2014, and married in June 2015. If it wasn't for the ARTS at Midland, we never would have found each other.Read more