Midland University Nursing Scholarships

Midland University Nursing Scholarships

Midland University has several scholarships to help support nursing students. Learn more about each scholarship below. If you would like to make a gift to support one of these funds, click the button below.

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Immanuel-Midland Nursing Alumni Association Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to nursing students.

E. Dolores Armbrust Nursing Scholarship

A yearly scholarship is presented to a junior nursing student in good academic standing with recognized financial need.

Mercedes Augustine Nursing Scholarship

This endowed scholarship has been made possible through a generous gift from Mercedes Augustine of Grand Island, Nebraska. Scholarships are awarded each year to nursing students from Nebraska who have attained junior or senior status and who have exhibited academic excellence. First preference is given to students from rural Nebraska. Students receiving the scholarship as juniors are eligible to have the scholarship renewed.

Jodi Tobiasson Cain Memorial Scholarship

To honor and memorialize the life and achievements of Jodi (Tobiasson) Cain, a BSN alumna of 2005, a scholarship has been established by her husband, Nathan, and by her parents, Marty and Dottie. Awards are given annually to a junior or senior of demonstrated academic ability with financial need who is majoring in nursing. This recipient should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and be an officer or active member in the Student Nurses Association.

Sister Minnie Carlson Scholarship

In memory of Sister Minnie Carlson, this scholarship should be awarded to a deserving nursing student with financial need.

Kathleen Cheney Nursing Scholarship

The Kathleen Cheney Nursing Scholarship was established by Dr. and Mrs. Manis and Joanne (Tuchenhagen) Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Albert and Louise Tuchenhagen, Ruth (Edwards) Adams and a host of friends. The scholarships are awarded annually to nursing students with demonstrated financial need.

Dorothy Christensen Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established with the Immanuel Foundation by Dr. Julius B. Christensen in memory of his wife, Dorothy. The scholarship is to be given each year to a student(s) in nursing, good academic standing, and financial need. Mrs. Christensen was a nurse at Immanuel.

Erickson Family Scholarship

Given each year to a junior or senior student majoring in mathematics, natural science, physical science or nursing. The recipient must demonstrate academic ability, potential for leadership in church and society, and financial need.

Harms-Wehrbein Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students entering their junior year as full time nursing major at Midland University with cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or above. The recipient must be active in the Student Nurses' Association at local level and preferably state level as well. Students should also be potentially eligible for membership in Theta Omega Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, International Honor Society of Nurses. Preference is given to individual originally from southwest or southeast Nebraska. Students must demonstrate characteristics of caring and potential for nursing leadership as evidenced by clinical and/or classroom references. Students must have a willingness to maintain contact with Dr. Nancy Harms & Mr. Gerhart Wehrbein on annual basis.

Ken and Erlaine Heese Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship was funded by the estate gift of Kenneth and Erlaine (Swanson) Heese of North Bend, NE. Although Erlaine attended Midland for only one semester, she and her husband gave their home and all of their possessions to the College to establish this scholarship. The scholarship(s) is to be awarded to a nursing student with financial need.

Connie Hansen Hegarty Scholarship

Established in 1979 in memory of Mrs. James Hegarty by family and friends, this scholarship is awarded to an outstanding junior or senior student with first preference given to a nursing major. Otherwise, scholarship is awarded to a student studying for a career in the healthcare field.

Immanuel Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to nursing students.

Julius and Vera Johnson Scholarship

In memory of Julius and Vera Johnson, this scholarship should be awarded to a student with a major in business, nursing or education. They should be in good academic standing and demonstrate financial need.

Carolyn Bern Jugler Memorial Scholarship

Established by her family in 2000, the scholarship is in memory of the 1952 Luther College graduate who went on to obtain her nursing degree. She was a registered nurse for several years at the Dodge County Hospital and the Hormel Fremont plant. This scholarship(s) is to be awarded to any sophomore or above nursing student who has demonstrated academic achievement and financial need.

Dr. Keith and Beryl Knudson Scholarship

This scholarship, established by their family, honors Dr. Keith and Beryl Knudson, longtime friends of Midland Lutheran College. Keith, professor emeritus of English at Midland, retired in 1994 after serving the college since 1962. This scholarship is awarded to deserving students majoring in either English or nursing, who demonstrate academic ability in either of these areas.

Kurtz-Nelson Scholarship

The Kurtz-Nelson Scholarship shall be awarded to worthy and deserving students who are pursuing a degree in education or nursing. It is intended to provide scholarship assistance for students whose families have worked hard to make a Midland education possible for their children.

Archie H. and Violet E. Larson Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2009 by their daughters, J. Yvonne Neville and Dawn Fusselman, both who graduated from Luther College and Immanuel School of Nursing. The scholarship is to be awarded to a financially need student in the nursing program.

Thomas and Della Lacy/Cy and Thelma Miller Scholarship

This fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Cy Miller to provide assistance to a pre-theological student and a nursing student each year.

Musbach Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship fund was originally established as part of the bequest of Amos Musbach to provide assistance to worthy students interested in becoming pastors, doctors or nurses. Mindful of Amos Musbach’s devotion to the Scribner/Snyder communities, at least one scholarship is to be awarded annually to a worthy youth from the Scribner/Snyder area, provided one is eligible. Others may be awarded as well. An advisory committee screens and makes recommendations to the scholarship committee for the Scribner/Snyder area recipient.

Marion and Carrol Nelson Scholarship

Provides a scholarship to a pre-medical student. If there are no pre-medical students, then the scholarship may be awarded to a nursing student or a student planning a medical career.

Nye Health Services Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to Midland University students pursuing a degree in nursing or a healthcare-related occupation. Preference may be given for students representing ethnic diversity, students who are single parents, and/or non-traditional students who are currently employed or who have had work experience. Preference may also be given to students who have an employment connection to Nye Health Services, either through their own employment or the employment of a parent or guardian. Financial need shall be considered. 

Dr. Harold E. Petersen Memorial Scholarship

To honor and to memorialize the life and achievements of St. Joseph, Missouri, pediatrician Dr. Harold E. Petersen, ’27, a scholarship has been established by Mrs. Eulalia E. Petersen, wife of Dr. Petersen, and by his family. Awards are given annually to juniors or seniors of demonstrated academic ability and with financial need who are majoring in pre-medicine. Consideration also may be given to nursing students.

Dr. Winifred J. Ellenchild Pinch Scholarship

Dr. Winifred J. Ellenchild Pinch, a former member of the Midland nursing faculty, and her husband, Dr. Lewis Pinch, established this scholarship in 2008. The intent is to help sustain the quality of students in the nursing program, by providing scholarship support. This scholarship is to be awarded to a junior or senior nursing student who has demonstrated financial need and maintains good academic standing and progress.

Edith M. Puls Scholarship

Created by the Rev. Charles Puls and his beloved wife, Inez M. Puls, this scholarship remembers Charles' sister, Edith M. Puls. As a nurse, Edith was always interested in young people desiring to become nurses. A scholarship will be awarded annually to a Midland student with demonstrated academic ability and financial need. Preference will be given to a dedicated student who plans to pursue a career in nursing.

Floyd and Grace Sager Scholarship

Established by the Sagers, loyal alumni and longtime friends of the university, this scholarship was created for the purpose of assisting one or more Midland students from a farming community or small town with less than 3,500 population in Nebraska or one of the neighboring states. Preferences is given to a nursing student, but may be awarded to a student who is active in the music department. The recipient should be in the upper 25% of the high school graduating class.

Hanna Schmidt Scholarship

This scholarship was established by a Will in the form of a trust provided by Hanna Schmidt, a friend of the University. Scholarships are awarded to students of at least sophomore standing, who are majoring in nursing and who a residents of Dodge County.

Virginia Schroeder Memorial Scholarship

Established by the Rev. Dr. Martin Schroeder in memory of his wife, Virginia, who was devoted to the profession of nursing, this scholarship shall be awarded each year to a deserving student majoring in nursing. The scholarship recipient should be of good academic standing with financial need.

Lorin J. and Merlyn E. Wolff Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who are deemed worthy and are in need of scholarship assistance. First preference shall be given to students pursuing careers in teaching, nursing or the work of the church.

Dennis & Ardes Zakovec Nursing Scholarship

The scholarship shall be awarded annually to a student with solid academic background who has demonstrated strong moral character, leadership, and a commitment to the nursing profession.