“Let Your Light Shine” Women of Midland Campaign

“Let Your Light Shine” Women of Midland Campaign

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Women of Midland "Let Your Light Shine" campaign is a fundraising and storytelling initiative being held during Women's History Month that aims to recognize past and present women of Midland and raise scholarship support to impact future generations of women students at Midland University. 

The Midland Women organization, with the motto “Let Your Light Shine,” has taken steps to support and advance the institution, carve new roads, and jump over obstacles that stand in their way. These women—faculty members, administrators, leaders, students, and volunteers—have shaped the institution that is known today as Midland University.

This year marks 75 years of the Midland Women organization and is an opportunity to recognize the impact women have made throughout the years at Midland.

During March, the campaign aims to raise $100,000 for the Women of Midland Scholarship fund to provide scholarship awards for female students at Midland. Through this new scholarship fund, Midland hopes to inspire the next generation of women at Midland to learn and lead in the world with purpose.

Visit the Women of Midland Campaign page to read Women of Midland spotlights, to learn how you can get involved in this exciting campaign, and more!