Men's Memorial Hall Final Video Tour

Men's Memorial Hall Final Video Tour

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Since 1947, Men's Memorial Hall has been a part of Midland's campus. 

The academic year 1947-48 saw continuing progress for Midland on several fronts. Of the 464 students registered at Midland, 198 of them were freshmen. Returning and new students found Men’s Hall ready for occupancy, and the building was formally dedicated in connection with the anniversary of Midland’s founding. It was mentioned that more than 600 Midland men served in WWII, with 22 listed as "Gold Star Men." The names of these men, who gave the ultimate sacrifice, are preserved on a plaque hanging in Men's Hall which will be enshrined in the new Miller Hall upon its completion.

To make room for Miller Hall, Men's Hall will be demolished in early 2019. Read more about Midland's newest residence hall here in this story: "Midland University Announces New Residence Hall Construction"

If you would like to purchase a brick from Men's Hall or an engraved brick for Miller Hall, please visit the Buy the Brick page for more information. 

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