Waring-Tiedeman Brings Expertise to Walker School of Education

Waring-Tiedeman Brings Expertise to Walker School of Education

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Dr. Sara Waring-Tiedeman recently joined Midland University as the Dean of the Walker School of Education. Tiedeman comes to Midland after serving as the Director for the Master of Education degree programs and chairperson for the Undergraduate Teacher Education department at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, for three years.

"Dr. Tiedeman brings with her proven successful approaches to offering quality graduate and undergraduate programs in education,” said Susan Kruml, Vice President for Academic Affairs. "Dr. Tiedeman is uniquely qualified with teaching and leadership experience in both Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and higher education.  We are fortunate to have someone of her caliber."

Tiedeman has a diverse background in her career in education. She taught English as a second language to students in kindergarten through 12th grade and worked as a district administrator of federal programs. She taught at South Dakota State University and was an associate professor at Arizona State University. Tiedeman also served as a contract specialist and data analyst for edCount, an organization that provides systems and services for educators across the United States.

“My expertise in online learning and graduate programs is a strength I bring to my position. I am a very innovative individual,” Tiedeman said. “In the field of education, teachers typically make the greatest movement in their salary through additional education, specifically the attainment of a M.Ed. degree. Research shows that a lack of time and balancing work and family commitments are the greatest challenge for obtaining a degree. Offering an online education allows adult learners to engage in the content of their coursework where and when they are able to participate.”

Through its Teacher Education Program and Masters of Education Program, the Walker School of Education is thriving in its mission to give future educators the skills, knowledge and disposition to succeed in building and educating people and communities.

“The goal of the Walker School of Education is to continue to grow our enrollment and to develop teachers who are prepared to work with students in all environments. We want to be innovative and prepare teachers that are relentlessly relevant,” Tiedeman said. “I feel a strong connection with the leadership at Midland University and the mission statement ‘to inspire people to learn and lead in the world with purpose. I saw the innovation that made the programs at Midland relentlessly relevant. This strong connection to the mission and vision of Midland was the driving force behind my decision to come to Midland University.”