Women of Midland Campaign Celebrates Past, Prepares for Future

Women of Midland Campaign Celebrates Past, Prepares for Future

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Midland University embraced women’s history month in March as a time to celebrate its past while planning for its future.

Through the “Let Your Light Shine” Women of Midland Campaign, more than $123,000 has been raised that will help provide numerous scholarships for future female students. The Women of Midland Scholarship Fund was created to celebrate 140 years of women at Midland University. Through this new scholarship fund, Midland aims to inspire and support the next generation of women at Midland by supporting traditional or non-traditional female students of Midland University's undergraduate programs.

Generations of women who have walked Midland’s campus have paved the way for future female students to thrive and succeed. Many of those women were recognized with donations made in their honor. “What was so special about this campaign was that it was a collaborative effort to pay it forward by honoring a woman who may have made an impact in someone’s life,” said Laura Robinett, Vice President for Institutional Advancement. “You hear so many stories of how these women impacted alumni and friends, and this was a way to say thank you to them by helping our future women of Midland. It creates a culture of giving back to someone who gave something to you. Many donations were made in honor of those women, but it went even beyond that. Donors wanted to honor family members, roommates, or coaches. People made it very personal with their connections to Midland.”

Robinett said that although the goal of raising $100,000 during the campaign may have seemed lofty, the support received made attaining that goal possible. “Several Midland women served as ambassadors for this campaign, and they supported it and helped it grow,” Robinett said. “I think they were excited to be part of impacting future female students, and this wouldn’t have been possible without their support.”

She also appreciated the support of the many donors who helped a new campaign succeed. “At Midland, we thrive on the support and retention of our donors,” she said. “It shows a commitment and investment in what we are doing at Midland. Our goal is always to support students and help them attain a degree, and building a base for support is the foundation of what we do. The success of a campaign doesn’t happen without donors, alumni, and friends. They are the ones who give of their time, talents, and treasures to impact students. Every dollar matters, and we are so thankful to anyone who gave.”

The Women of Midland Campaign could be a springboard for other campaigns as Midland continues its mission of inspiring people to learn and lead in the world with purpose. “We were very pleased with the response, and now the question becomes ‘what do we do next?” Robinett said. “This can open doors for creativity to help other areas such as academic programs, arts, and athletics. It allows us to meet donors and alumni where they are and come up with different ideas that can connect them to Midland.”

Make a donation to the campaign or learn more about some of the amazing women in Midland’s history.