Thanks to the vision and generosity of many donors, Midland University offers a variety of scholarships with varied and diverse criteria. When you give to student scholarships at Midland University, you help offset the cost of education and open up opportunities for students who, due to financial pressures, would be unable to obtain an undergraduate degree. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, please contact Laura Jensen, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at 402-941-6523 or

Sister Minnie Carlson Scholarship

In memory of Sister Minnie Carlson, this scholarship should be awarded to a deserving nursing student with financial need.

Raymond "Red" Carstensen Scholarship

This scholarship was created in honor of Red Carstensen, and should be awarded to a student with a major (or concentration) in Religion, Youth and Family Ministry, or Math and Natural Sciences, with an interest in pursuing a career in the ministry or engineering.

Nonda Herman Cheatham Scholarship

Funded by her mother, Mrs. Gertrude Herman, this scholarship is to be given in honor of Nonda, '45, to a deserving junior or senior with a grade point average of 3.2 or higher in the business department. The student should be majoring in business education, administrative office management or an equivalent field.

Kathleen Cheney Nursing Scholarship

The Kathleen Cheney Nursing Scholarship was established by Dr. and Mrs. Manis and Joanne (Tuchenhagen) Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Albert and Louise Tuchenhagen, Ruth (Edwards) Adams and a host of friends. The scholarships are awarded annually to nursing students with demonstrated financial need.

Dorothy Christensen Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established with the Immanuel Foundation by Dr. Julius B. Christensen in memory of his wife, Dorothy. The scholarship is to be given each year to a student(s) in nursing, good academic standing, and financial need. Mrs. Christensen was a nurse at Immanuel.

Dr. William Christensen History Scholarship

Established by the alumni, friends and fellow First Lutheran Church of Fremont members, this scholarship honors Dr. William Christensen, retired professor of history at Midland. Dr. Christensen served the college for 31 years. The scholarship bearing his name is awarded to deserving students majoring in history and/or preparing to teach social studies.

CL Werner Foundation Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the CL Werner Foundation and supports deserving nursing students at Midland University.  

Udene Clarke Education Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Udene Clarke as a gift to Midland University education majors who aspire to shape lives as teachers. Udene gave a gift to future generations, hoping that they experience the opportunities she had received at Midland. Midland was an integral part of her life, and now a part of her legacy.

Class Reunion Scholarship

Established by classes holding their reunions at MLC during Spring Alumni Days activities, this scholarship is awarded to a deserving student with financial need.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Clemmons Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded each year to members of the junior class on the basis of need and academic attainment. These scholarships were established by alumni and many friends in memory of the Clemmons' faithful service and love for students. Mr. Clemmons was president of the former Fremont Normal College from 1887 to 1919.

Harold and Treva Conrad Scholarship

Established by Harold and Treva Conrad, long time friends and business partners of Midland, this endowed scholarship is to be awarded to a deserving student of good academic standing and with financial need. Harold and Treva owned and operated Nebraska Printing & Lithograph for nearly 30 years in the Fremont community.

Elinor Bishop Conway Memorial Scholarship

This fund was established by a gift from her husband, Philip. It is designed to provide one or more scholarships annually to a student(s) with personal integrity, academic ability and financial need.

Cooper Foundation Scholarship

Assist students of color from Nebraska in attending Midland University and to support them through graduation. Awarded to same student for four consecutive years. If recipient is graduated or ineligible, scholarship may be awarded to a new recipient. Award to students with greatest unmet need, regardless of Pell Grant eligibility.

Leonard and Audrey Cumming Scholarship

This scholarship shall be awarded to worthy and deserving students who are pursuing a degree in education or medicine.

Kenneth & Eloise Dale Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students with academic merit and financial need. Preference is given to international students who show potential for growth in mind, body and spirit, and who are dedicated to social betterment and Christian values as a way of life.

Martha deFreese and Anna Kreinherder Scholarship

Established in memory of Martha deFreese, the mother of four sons, each of whom graduated from Midland, this scholarship honors the memory of a Nebraska Mother of the Year who befriended Midland Lutheran College throughout her lifetime. It also memorializes Anna Kreinheder, instructor of art at Midland for many years. This scholarship is awarded to an academically able student who has demonstrated financial need.

Charlie and Mary Lou Diers Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established by the Diers to benefit a deserving student(s) majoring in business. It is to be awarded to someone from Fremont or the surrounding rural area served by Midland.

Tracy E. and Marilyn E. Diers Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is given to a Nebraska student majoring in either business or art, who has shown academic ability in these areas of study. The scholarship is established in loving memory of these two supportive Midland friends from the memorial fund established by the Diers family.

Dillon Family Scholarship

Read more about Sid Dillon's vision for the Dillon Family Scholarship.

Mary Trenary Droullard Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to an academically qualified worthy and deserving student with financial need.

Dumler Family Scholarship

Established by the Dumler family in honor of Dr. Martin Dumler and his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Henry Dumler.  This scholarship is awarded each year to a student of good academic standing with financial need.

Ebers/Stockfleth Scholarship

Recognizing their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Ebers and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Stockfleth, for the influence on their lives, and Midland Lutheran College for the impact it made as well, this scholarship is made possible by gifts from James C. Ebers, '67, and Sheryl Stockfleth Ebers, '69, and is to be awarded annually to a student from Dodge County.

EducationQuest Foundation Scholarship

Scholarships from this program are awarded to deserving and worthy students who are Nebraska residents and who have a demonstrated financial need.

Eggerling Midland University Scholarship

The Eggerling Midland University Designated Fund was established in memory of the Eggerlings and is supported each year through the Lincoln Community Foundation. The scholarship is awarded to students with financial need.

Henry and Leona Einemann Scholarship

Established by Henry Einemann of West Point, Neb., the scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate academic ability and have financial need.