Thanks to the vision and generosity of many donors, Midland University offers a variety of scholarships with varied and diverse criteria. When you give to student scholarships at Midland University, you help offset the cost of education and open up opportunities for students who, due to financial pressures, would be unable to obtain an undergraduate degree. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, please contact Laura Robinett, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at 402-941-6523 or

Thomas and Della Lacy/Cy and Thelma Miller Scholarship

This fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Cy Miller to provide assistance to a pre-theological student and a nursing student each year.

Vern Milligan Scholarship

Established by a Fremont native, Vern Milligan, this scholarship awards grants to students based on financial need.

J. Dale and Marion K. Milliken Memorial Scholarship

Created by their family and friends, this scholarship is awarded annually in memory of J. Dale and Marion K. Milliken, Fremont community leaders and college friends. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has maintained the required grade point average and who has financial need.

John Mkenda Scholarship

The John Mkenda Scholarship was established in 2018 by Midland Alumni Alex (’64) and Marlys (’64) Meyer in honor of John Mkenda. John, of Marangu, Tanzania, attended Midland on scholarship, graduating with a degree in business in 1965. John returned to Tanzania as one of less than a hundred college graduates in the country. John lived his life in service and dedication to the Church and his country. Midland awarded John with a Doctor of Law degree in 2002 honoring his dedication of service. The John Mkenda scholarship is awarded to international students of good academic standing with an encouragement to use their education in service to the church and their community. Preference is given to international students and students with financial need.

Moeser Education Scholarship

The Moeser Education Scholarship is awarded to a Midland student who is majoring in Education and has a minimum 3.0 GPA. The scholarship is intended to encourage students to go into and remain in the education profession at the PK-12 level. The recipient of the scholarship will be recommended by the Midland education faculty and shall have completed at least one successful semester of academic work at Midland before being named the recipient. 

Dave and Sheila Monke Family Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2022 by Dave and Sheila Monke, a third generation Monke scholarship at Midland University. This perpetual scholarship should be awarded annually to a student(s) majoring in Special Education or Applied Behavior Analysis.

Henry and Lena Monke Scholarship

The Henry and Lena Monke Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by the late Luther Monke to perpetually honor his parents. The fund provides annual scholarships. Preference is given to Lutheran students living in the general area served by Midland.

William and Helen Monke Scholarship

Created by Bill and Helen Monke, this annual scholarship provides assistance to students in good academic standing with financial need. First preference is given to Lutheran students who come from rural, farming communities within the state of Nebraska.

Merlin Mortinson Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students with a 3.0 or above GPA and who demonstrate financial need.

Harry and Bernice Mapes Moyer Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to students pursuing a career in education. The award is made to students with personal integrity, academic ability and financial need.

Musbach Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship fund was originally established as part of the bequest of Amos Musbach to provide assistance to worthy students interested in becoming pastors, doctors or nurses. Mindful of Amos Musbach’s devotion to the Scribner/Snyder communities, at least one scholarship is to be awarded annually to a worthy youth from the Scribner/Snyder area, provided one is eligible. Others may be awarded as well. An advisory committee screens and makes recommendations to the scholarship committee for the Scribner/Snyder area recipient. 

Gerald D. Myers Scholarship

Established by the family and friends of Jerry Myers to honor his lifetime commitment to Fremont. The scholarship is awarded to students from Dodge County majoring in one of the liberal arts majors offered by Midland. The scholarship is not renewable.

Navarrette Family Scholarship

The Navarrette Family Scholarship was established in 2018 by Midland Alumni Steve and Julie Navarrette. This scholarship is awarded to students pursuing a degree in the Dunklau School of Business in good academic standing. First preference is given to students from the urban core of Omaha.

Carl O. and Edith Nelson Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students with a 3.0 GPA and financial need.

Gene Nelson Endowed Music Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a music student.

Marion and Carrol Nelson Scholarship

Provides a scholarship to a pre-medical student. If there are no pre-medical students, then the scholarship may be awarded to a nursing student or a student planning a medical career.

Sarah D. Nelson Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by family and friends of the late Sarah D. Nelson in celebration of her life and her time at Midland Lutheran College. Sarah was majoring in History and English at Midland and was active in the theatre and campus life. Students from Axtell, Neb. will be given first preference, and students from Kearney or Franklin County, Neb. will be given second preference. If there are no students that are qualified for the scholarship from those areas, scholarships shall be awarded to students active in campus life and with financial need.

Nitz Family Scholarship

Established in memory of Frances Nitz by her family, scholarships are awarded annually to a student from rural Nebraska who has been active in 4-H and who has financial need. The scholarship may be renewed for subsequent years of attendance at Midland.

Nordstrom Scholarship

Created by the Rev. K. David and Joan Nelson Nordstrom, this endowed fund provides an annual scholarship to assist a student to study at Midland University.

Erna Ruth Thorwald Nore Luther College 1951

This scholarship supports a student with financial need who plans a career in Education.

Bernard F. Novak Scholarship

Established by his sister, Celice Tarbutton, in honor of Mr. Novak’s life and work. The scholarship is awarded to a deserving pre-seminary student. If this preference cannot be honored, the scholarship is awarded to a student of good character with financial need.

Nye Health Services Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to Midland University students pursuing a degree in nursing or a healthcare-related occupation. Preference may be given for students representing ethnic diversity, students who are single parents, and/or non-traditional students who are currently employed or who have had work experience. Preference may also be given to students who have an employment connection to Nye Health Services, either through their own employment or the employment of a parent or guardian. Financial need shall be considered. Ten $1,000 scholarships are to be awarded. 

Walter Olsen Music Scholarship

This scholarship, established by friends and family of the late Walt Olsen in honor of this Fremonter’s longtime contributions to music education, is awarded each year to a talented music student with financial need.

Bill Paden Scholarship

This scholarship, in recognition of Bill Paden, a 1947 Midland graduate and life-long college friend, is to be awarded to a student with demonstrated financial need and academic ability.

Bertha Pankratz Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established through a gift from the Bertha Pankratz estate. It is awarded to students on the basis of financial need.