Thanks to the vision and generosity of many donors, Midland University offers a variety of scholarships with varied and diverse criteria. When you give to student scholarships at Midland University, you help offset the cost of education and open up opportunities for students who, due to financial pressures, would be unable to obtain an undergraduate degree. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, please contact Laura Jensen, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at 402-941-6523 or

V.E. and Aina Johnson Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor V.E. and Aina Johnson, long-time faculty and staff members of Luther Junior College & Academy and Midland Lutheran College. It is awarded to a student of high moral character who has academic ability and financial need.

Johnson/Bartek Family Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students with a 3.0 GPA and financial need.

Elwyn L. Judd Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Elwyn L. Judd, a 1936 Midland College graduate. The scholarship is to be awarded to a student majoring in Philosophy or Religion and is in need of financial assistance.

Carolyn Bern Jugler Memorial Scholarship

Established by her family in 2000, the scholarship is in memory of the 1952 Luther College graduate who went on to obtain her nursing degree. She was a registered nurse for several years at the Dodge County Hospital and the Hormel Fremont plant. This scholarship(s) is to be awarded to any sophomore or above nursing student who has demonstrated academic achievement and financial need.

Kappa Alpha Lambda Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship was established for students active in the Greek system.

Hazel Keene Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Hazel Keene, a Fremont College graduate and revered Fremont benefactor. Hazel Keene and Charles A. Keene worked diligently on behalf of Midland and supported the University generously. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of need and academic ability.

Francis L. Keisler Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship has been established in the memory of Francis L. Keisler, a longtime Midland faculty member in mathematics. This scholarship is to be awarded each year in the field of mathematics to a deserving junior or senior who has an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Criteria for selection include scholarship, leadership, campus involvement, personal integrity, honesty and financial need.

Peter Kiewit Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the Kiewit Foundation for deserving and worthy students, with a preference to incoming freshmen.

Richard P. and Laurine Kimmel Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to students majoring in art education and business administration. The candidate must show financial need and have the recommendation of the art faculty. In the event that no candidate in art education fulfills these requirements, the scholarship shall be awarded to a student majoring in business administration who shows financial need and has the recommendation of the business administration faculty.

Kindschuh Family Scholarship

This scholarship was established through a gift from Rev. and Mrs. John LeRoy "Kink" Kindschuh and Delores "Lolly" Hall Kindschuh, in gratitude for enduring benefits received at Luther Academy and College, Wahoo, Nebraska, 1944-47.

Keith & Ruth Kistler Scholarship Fund

In honor of Keith and Ruth Kistler, this scholarship should be awarded to students seeking a career in a medical field.

Mary Lillian Bisel Kistler Scholarship

Awarded to worthy and deserving students.

Kleppe Family Scholarship

The Kleppe Family Scholarship was established in 2020 and is awarded to a student with financial need and great potential. The student must also be involved in performing arts or athletics. A recommendation from an advisor, coach, or mentor is required.

Raamah Pearl Knickrehm Scholarship

The fund was created by a bequest of the late Mrs. Ramaah Pearl Knickrehm of Lincoln, Nebraska. These annual scholarships are based on need and general aptitude.

Dr. Keith and Beryl Knudson Scholarship

This scholarship, established by their family, honors Dr. Keith and Beryl Knudson, longtime friends of Midland Lutheran College. Keith, professor emeritus of English at Midland, retired in 1994 after serving the college since 1962. This scholarship is awarded to deserving students majoring in either English or nursing, who demonstrate academic ability in either of these areas.

Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to incoming freshman of high moral character who demonstrate financial need. The recipient must be an above average applicant who has demonstrated good academic success in high school.

Kurtz-Nelson Scholarship

The Kurtz-Nelson Scholarship shall be awarded to worthy and deserving students who are pursuing a degree in education or nursing. It is intended to provide scholarship assistance for students whose families have worked hard to make a Midland education possible for their children.

Arnold and Carolyn Lack Family Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded each year to a student with financial need. Preference may be given to a work-study student employed in the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Nick and Rosella Lalich Scholarship

Established by these Midland friends, one or more scholarships are awarded annually to upperclassmen who have demonstrated academic achievement and who have financial need.

Theodore and Mabel Lamprecht Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to a student or students in good academic standing.

Mildred Lang Scholarship

Created by the family and friends of Mildred Lang, this scholarship is awarded annually to a female student attending Midland, with preference given to nontraditional students, particularly those returning to college. The student will be financially deserving and of good character. The scholarship may be renewed.

Archie H. and Violet E. Larson Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2009 by their daughters, J. Yvonne Neville and Dawn Fusselman, both who graduated from Luther College and Immanuel School of Nursing. The scholarship is to be awarded to a financially need student in the nursing program.

Dr. L. Dale and Ruth Lund Scholarship

Created by the friends and colleagues of Dr. L. Dale and Ruth Lund on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary and in honor of their dedicated service to Midland Lutheran College, where Dr. Lund served as president from 1969-1981. Students with financial need who exhibited strong academic achievement will be considered for support from this scholarship.

Sie & Edythe Lundstrom Scholarship

Established in memory of Sie and Edythe Lundstrom, long time Fremont residents and supporters of the Lutheran Church, this scholarship is to be awarded to an active member of the Sinai Lutheran Church in Fremont, Nebraska with financial need and in good academic standing.

Luther Heritage Scholarship

Established by the alumni of Luther College, the Heritage Fund seeks to perpetuate the values and commitments of Luther College in Wahoo, Nebraska, one of the predecessor institutions of Midland Lutheran College. Scholarships are awarded annually to students who represent the mission and ideals upon which Luther was founded.