Thanks to the vision and generosity of many donors, Midland University offers a variety of scholarships with varied and diverse criteria. When you give to student scholarships at Midland University, you help offset the cost of education and open up opportunities for students who, due to financial pressures, would be unable to obtain an undergraduate degree. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, please contact Laura Jensen, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at 402-941-6523 or

Heedum Education Scholarship

The Heedum Education Scholarship was established by Eric and Jaime Heedum. This scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in a program within the Walker School of Education. Financial need may also be considered.

Heedum Baseball Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a member of the Midland University baseball team. Preference may be given to students with successful academic performance and financial need.

Heedum Family Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Roger Heedum and is awarded to student athletes participating in Midland's baseball or football programs with financial need.

Ken and Erlaine Heese Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship was funded by the estate gift of Kenneth and Erlaine (Swanson) Heese of North Bend, NE. Although Erlaine attended Midland for only one semester, she and her husband gave their home and all of their possessions to the College to establish this scholarship. The scholarship(s) is to be awarded to a nursing student with financial need.

Connie Hansen Hegarty Scholarship

Established in 1979 in memory of Mrs. James Hegarty by family and friends, this scholarship is awarded to an outstanding junior or senior student with first preference given to a nursing major. Otherwise, scholarship is awarded to a student studying for a career in the health care field.

Lu and Bonnie Heller Journalism Scholarship

Established by Lu Heller, a 1947 graduate of the journalism program, in memory of his wife, Bonnie, who shared his interest in research and writing. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a junior or senior journalism major. The selection will be based upon three criteria: 1) a demonstrated interest and/or ability in research and writing; 2) academic performance; and 3) financial need.

George W. Henkens Endowed Scholarship

The George W. Henkens Endowed Scholarship shall be awarded to a deserving student/students of good academic standing in need of scholarship assistance. First preference shall be given to those who are majoring in business.

Hessenflow Scholarship

Colonel Donald H. Hessenflow, ’64, established this endowed scholarship in memory of his parents, James and Lois Hessenflow, who were a source of support for many Midland Lutheran College students during their lifetime. This award will go to a junior or senior student who demonstrates financial need, with a preference to Journalism and English majors.

Glen Hickman Scholarship

Awarded each year to a senior majoring in education, the scholarship was established by his many friends and former students in memory of his faithful service. Dr.Glen E. Hickman served on the Midland faculty and administration from 1926 to 1955.

Lillian Hickman-Midland Women Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor Lillian Hickman, founder and first president of the Midland Women organization (1947). Lillian is also a 1935 Midland graduate was an assistant professor for 15 years. It is awarded to a senior elementary education student.

Hockey Grant

The Hockey Grant Fund was established to provide support to student-athletes who are members of the Men's or Women's Hockey teams. Recipients are recommended by the hockey coaches and the Athletic Director.

Dr. George C. Holling Scholarship

The late Dr. Holling, longtime church leader, philanthropist and member of Midland’s Board of Trustees, is honored through the creation of this endowed scholarship. Scholarships are awarded each year to deserving students with demonstrated financial need.

Gunnar Horn Scholarship

The Gunnar Horn Endowed Journalism Scholarship shall be awarded to a journalism major who shows promise in journalism or public relations. Need is not a factor. Recipientshall be selected by the journalism faculty.

Marion Hudson Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was originally established at Dana College in 2003 and re-established at Midland University in 2010. Marion Hudson was the first African-American student to attend Dana College, graduating as a member of the Class of 1956. Beyond his legacy of opening the doors of Dana to minority students, Marion Hudson was a multi-sport athlete, setting records in track and field and football, and becoming one of Nebraska’s most acclaimed athletes. Beyond his stellar athletic ability and the great reason for his athletic success was his goal to be an exemplary athlete, student and person in life. This scholarship is to be awarded to an African-American student athlete who personifies the qualities the legendary Marion Hudson.

William and Carol Kentopp Hunter Business Scholarship

Established by gifts from William and Carol Hunter for students majoring in business. The scholarship is based on need and academic ability, and is awarded to students of sophomore, junior or senior class standing.

Immanuel Communities Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Immanuel Communities, a long-time institutional partner, to support students majoring in nursing at Midland University.

Immanuel-Midland Nursing Alumni Association Scholarship

These scholarships are provided through memberships in the Immanuel-Midland Nursing Alumni Association and are voted upon each year by the Association Board. Scholarships should be awarded to junior level students in the BSN program who are in good standing and demonstrate the following characteristics: 1) High patient care through consistent positive patient feedback and instructor comments; 2) Professionalism and passion for nursing through consistent preparation of patient assignments and knowledge of patient conditions; 3) Strong desire for future goals and plans for a career in nursing; 4) Leadership capabilities in the classroom and/or clinical setting; and 5) Service in school, church and/or community activities. Scholarship recipients are recommended by the nursing department faculty.

Immanuel Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to nursing students.

Gladys Jackson Scholarship

Given by Gladys Jackson, who wrote the words to the Midland alma mater, for a deserving and worthy student involved in the music program.

Hazel & Theodore James Scholarship

The Hazel and Theodore James Endowed Scholarship shall be awarded to worthy students who are in need of financial assistance.

Rev. Richard Jobman Scholarship

Established in grateful appreciation of the caring and compassionate ministry of Pastor Jobman at St. Paul Lutheran Church of Grand Island, Nebraska, by the congregation of the church. The scholarship is awarded to a student who is considering the possibility of full-time Christian ministry.

Cecil and Harriet Johnson Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship provides assistance to academically qualified, deserving and worthy students. This scholarship may be renewed in succeeding years.

Julius and Vera Johnson Scholarship

In memory of Julius and Vera Johnson, this scholarship should be awarded to a student with a major in business, nursing or education. They should be in good academic standing and demonstrate financial need.

Lois Johnson Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is provided in memory of Lois D. Johnson and shall be awarded to worthy and deserving students who are in need of scholarship assistance.

Sylvia and Anton Johnson Scholarship

The Sylvia and Anton Johnson Endowed Scholarship was established in 1995 by Clifford Johnson in loving memory of his parents, Sylvia and Anton. This scholarship shall be awarded to worthy and deserving students who are in need of scholarship assistance. First preference shall be given to students from Nebraska who are pursuing studies relating to church vocations.