Thanks to the vision and generosity of many donors, Midland University offers a variety of scholarships with varied and diverse criteria. When you give to student scholarships at Midland University, you help offset the cost of education and open up opportunities for students who, due to financial pressures, would be unable to obtain an undergraduate degree. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, please contact Laura Robinett, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at 402-941-6523 or

Rotary Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a Fremont junior or senior who demonstrates financial need.

Rowe-Baehr Scholarship

Established by Herman and Grace (Rose) Baehr in honor of their parents to provide one or more scholarships to children of families of the Presbyterian Church in Fremont, Nebraska, or Christ Lutheran Church in Wisner, Nebraska.

Rev. John D. Russell Scholarship

Created initially by a gift from St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Grand Island, Neb., to honor the Rev. John D. Russell, this scholarship provides annual assistance to students considering the possibility of attending seminary and preparing for ordained ministry. 

Floyd and Grace Sager Scholarship

Established by the Sagers, loyal alumni and longtime friends of the university, this scholarship was created for the purpose of assisting one or more Midland students from a farming community or small town with less than 3,500 population in Nebraska or one of the neighboring states. Preferences is given to a nursing student, by may be awarded to a student who is active in the music department. The recipient should be in the upper 25% of the high school graduating class.

Gerald Sampter Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded each year to one or more worthy and deserving student(s) and may be renewed for succeeding years.

Wanda K. Samson Business Scholarship

Established by this alumna and long-time business educator in the Fremont Public Schools, this scholarship is to provide assistance to a senior student preparing to teach in business, or a student majoring in business who is entering a business internship. 1) First preference is to award the scholarship to a senior that plans to be a business education teacher that graduated from Fremont High School; 2) Second preference is to award the scholarship to a senior that plans to be a business education teacher; 3) Third preference is to award the scholarship to a junior or senior business major that is doing a business internship from Fremont High School; 4) Fourth preference is a junior or senior business major that is doing a business internship from any high school.

Marlene Beekman Samuelson Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded each year to one or more worthy and deserving student(s) and may be renewed for succeeding years.

Hanna Schmidt Scholarship

This scholarship was established by a Will in the form of a trust provided by Hanna Schmidt, a friend of the University. Scholarships are awarded to students of at least sophomore standing, who are majoring in nursing and who a residents of Dodge County.

Dr. Wallace V. Schmidt and Susan Osborn Schmidt Scholarship

This scholarship was established to support deserving undergraduate students based on financial need.

Virginia Schroeder Memorial Scholarship

Established by the Rev. Dr. Martin Schroeder in memory of his wife, Virginia, who was devoted to the profession of nursing, this scholarship shall be awarded each year to a deserving student majoring in nursing. The scholarship recipient should be of good academic standing with financial need.

Donald Sjogren Scholarship

As part of the Luther Heritage Fund Scholarship Program, the Donald Sjogren Scholarship will be given to students in good academic standing that are from Central Nebraska with preference for students from Phelps or Kearney counties.

Dr. Don and Mary Ann Skoog Scholarship

Awarded to students in good academic standing with financial need pursuing a career in the medical field, human performance, and/or athletic training. This scholarship is funded in honor of a lifetime of service of Dr. Don Skoog in the medical field and in memory of Mary Ann Skoog and her service in the medical field.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Grand Island Scholarship

This scholarship, provided by the St. Paul Lutheran Church Foundation, Grand Island, Nebraska, provides financial aid to a worthy student each year. The scholarship is intended to help students attend Midland and to encourage congregations and people of the Nebraska Synod to develop scholarship programs at the college.

Richard Blair Stellhorn Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Richard's son, August Stellhorn, and is to be awarded to a deserving Lutheran student(s) of good academic standing and in need of scholarship assistance.

Dr. Caryl and Shirley Steyer Scholarship

Upon the occasion of Dr. Steyer’s retirement from service to Midland as dean of students, friends, family and former students created this endowed scholarship. Awards are given annually to deserving students with financial need, with preference given to those who are active in student activities.

Studt Family Scholarship

Established by Lillie Studt in memory of Don and Ota Studt. To be awarded to a worthy student with preference given to descendants of the Studt family or to members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Glasco, Kansas. If first preferences cannot be honored, earnings from the scholarship are to be used for the purpose of aiding needy and worthy students.

Joel T. Suhr Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Joel T. Suhr, a 1976 Midland graduate. This scholarship is awarded to sophomore, junior, or senior members of the Men's Basketball Team. Students receiving this scholarship should exceed minimum academic requirements, exemplify leadership qualities on and off the court, voluntarily take initiative in mentoring and team building, and participate in community service and volunteer activities as time allows. Recommendations for this scholarship are made by the Men's Head Basketball Coach and the Athletic Director.

Sukraw Family Scholarship

This scholarship, established by Quinten and Arlene Sukraw, the Judith Stoehr family, and the Kenneth Sukraw family, is provided in memory of Quinten and Arlene's daughters, Sharon Arlene and Pamela Kay. One or more scholarships are provided to students who demonstrate financial need and who are majoring in education. Preference is given to those students whose emphasis is in music education.

Carl Bertram Swanson Music Scholarship

In recognition of the important role music played in the life of Luther College, this scholarship should be awarded to a student active in the Music program at Midland.

Reuben and Darlene Swanson Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Dr. and Mrs. Reuben Swanson to provide one or more scholarships each year for students of superior academic ability who are members of a congregation of the Nebraska Synod, ELCA.

Trautrimas Endowed Travel Scholarship

Established by Mr. and Mrs. Phil Wood (Michelle Trautrimas) and funded by many others at the time of Dr. Trautrimas' retirement, this fund is to provide financial help to a student planning to participate in an international travel experience during interterm. The student must be a sophomore or junior in good academic standing and have financial need.

Van Boening Scholarship

Provided by Pastor and Mrs. Grant Van Boening. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student who has personal integrity, academic ability and financial need.

Barbara Von Seggern Memorial Scholarship

Two scholarships are given each year to an upperclassman preparing for life work in a Christian vocation. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of Christian character, academic achievement and need. They were established in memory of Miss Barbara Von Seggern, a Midland student, whose dedication and vitality gave lasting enrichment to the lives of all who knew her.

Dr. Cecil and Laila A. Walker Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is established to recognize the leadership Dr. Cecil Walker gave to Midland Lutheran College for 21 years as the Education Division Chairman. The scholarship is awarded to a student admitted to the education department and planning a career in teaching. Applicants must also demonstrate financial need, high academic achievement and a commitment to the teaching profession.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Walker Scholarship

Established by Lester and Maxine Walker to fund several scholarships each year, the scholarships are awarded by the Scholarship Committee. First priority is given to students majoring in journalism exhibiting scholarship qualities and having a demonstrated financial need.