Thanks to the vision and generosity of many donors, Midland University offers a variety of scholarships with varied and diverse criteria. When you give to student scholarships at Midland University, you help offset the cost of education and open up opportunities for students who, due to financial pressures, would be unable to obtain an undergraduate degree. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, please contact Laura Jensen, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at 402-941-6523 or

Leah L. Williams and Ada M. Williams Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship has been established by a Will in the form of a trust provided by Ada M. Williams to honor her sister, Leah, who was the treasurer at Midland for many years. The trust provides scholarships for deserving and worthy students.

David and Freda Wolf Scholarship

This scholarship was established by David and Freda Wolf, Pierce, Nebraska, and provides one or more scholarships annually. Recipients shall be worthy, deserving, of good and moral character and show promise of leadership and academic ability in their chosen field. The order of preference geographically shall be: 1) graduates of Pierce High School, 2) graduates of high schools in Pierce County, and 3) needy and eligible students from any accredited high school.

Lorin J. and Merlyn E. Wolff Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who are deemed worthy and are in need of scholarship assistance. First preference shall be given to students pursuing careers in teaching, nursing or the work of the church.

Women of Midland Scholarship

The Women of Midland Scholarship Fund was created to celebrate 140 years of women at Midland University. Through this scholarship fund, the hope is to inspire and support the next generation of women at Midland by supporting traditional or non-traditional female students of Midland University's undergraduate programs.

Ted Youngerman Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2002 by family and friends following Ted's passing. The scholarship is to be awarded to a senior pre-theological student in good standing.

Dennis & Ardes Zakovec Nursing Scholarship

The scholarship shall be awarded annually to a student with solid academic background who has demonstrated strong moral character, leadership, and a commitment to the nursing profession.

William F. and Meta Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship was established by William F. and Meta Zimmerman out of gratitude to God. It is to be awarded annually to a minority student.